The $7 Target Leggings EVERY Mom Needs

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These Target leggings are some of our absolute favorites for new moms. They’re high-waisted, super comfortable and only $7! Comfortable for lounging around the house but also enough coverage to wear them out. The perfect leggings for c-section moms with the supportive, non-restricting high waist. These leggings will be a staple in your wardrobe with a price tag that allows you to stock up.

These butter soft leggings are highly rated for good reason. Super soft and stretchy, these leggings will easily become your go-to postpartum leggings! Whether you’re staying in all day, running from school pickups to errands or heading to bed- these leggings will be your ride or die.

For shape wear leggings, look no further than these comfortable shaping leggings. The Assets by Spanx line of leggings at Target is a more affordable option than the usual Spanx brand. These high waisted shaping leggings provide great coverage, holds in muffin top and give you an amazing shape. These would be great postpartum leggings for new moms because they’re very soft, so flattering and great quality!

Another great choice are these Jersey Capri Leggings from Target. They are comfortable, stretchy and cropped- perfect for summertime. Perfect for lounging, sleeping or doing light exercise. At $10, these are a steal!

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