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How To Stay Organized ALL School Year Long!

Back to School Timesavers- Save yourself time and money with Mom’s Best 10 timesavers

Back to school season is here! Here are our top tips and tricks to stay organized all school year long. These back to school timesavers will get your kids ready for school in no time. Stay on top of your game week after week. From planners and calendars to snack and lunchtime hacks to save you time and money, we’ve got you covered!

Keep a Planner
A planner is the best way to stay organized! Easily jot down whatever comes to mind for your grocery list, school events and homework reminders. I make sure to keep mine open to that days page and glance at it throughout the day. 



Plan clothes for the Whole Week on Sunday. 
My kids and I sit down Sunday night and plan all their outfits for the week. My kids are super picky about what they wear so I make sure to involve them and get their opinions. We plan everything to the last detail, from hair bows and necklaces for my daughter and socks and shoes for my son. This avoids any last minute fights over outfits in the morning. 

Plan Breakfast & Lunch the Night Before.
Ask your kid! I make sure to make a list of everything I bought from the grocery store that Sunday. That way, I can sit with the kiddos the night before school and ask what they’d like for breakfast and lunch the next day and write it down. This is essential! It is so easy to forget what they’d like in my morning haze and if I give them the option in the morning, they will change their minds 100 times! 



Plan a Grab & Go Breakfast/Lunch
For the days you just can’t. Some days you just wake up on the wrong side of the bed and no amount of planning can help. Plan ahead for those kind of days by having your fridge and freezer stocked with easy, pre-packaged options for breakfast, lunch & snacks, like Uncrustables and Lunchables. Or, even better, make your own!

Pack Snacks in Containers
Pack your snack bags in advance and keep plenty handy in your pantry or fridge. I buy large quantities of my kids favorite snacks such as pretzels, rice cakes and fruits and package them in small containers myself so I can just grab & go!

Have a Place for Everything
And let your kids put things in their place! If you have drop off point for your kids backpacks, lunch boxes and such, there will be no last minute “where’s your backpack/shoes/karate uniform” when you’re running out the door. 



Small Loads of Laundry Every Day
It is essential to keeping organized in our household. I’d rather do one small load a day than face a huge pile of laundry once or twice a week! 



Make a Checklist
Have a post-it right next to your front door with a list of everything you don’t want to forget! 

Get your Kids Involved!
The best way to make your mornings easier is to have the kids help out. Clothes belong in the hamper, dishes in the sink and shoes in their cubbies.

Buy a Large Wall Calendar & Use it!
Preferably hang it somewhere you will see when you’re walking out the door and check it every day before heading to school. 


Make a Morning Routine Bucket.
Fill them with all the things you need in the morning, such as hair brushing supplies.  

Have a Binder for Each Kid 
Keep a binder or a folder for each kid with all of their important paperwork for their class, homework and projects.

Get your kids a clock!
Both of my kids have digital clocks in their rooms so they know exactly when to wake up for the day. 


Use Target Restock
Perfect for when you run out of snacks mid-week or are low on time! Target Restock delivers household and grocery items NEXT DAY! Check out our Target Restock post here.

13 Hacks to Stay Organized All School Year Long
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Mom’s Best 10 Educational Toys for Kids of 2019

Top STEM gifts for Kids, best educational toys, top toys for kids, educational toys for toddler, best learning toys

Christmas. Birthdays. Buying yourself five more minutes at Target. There are a lot of reasons we buy toys for our kids. Toys play an important role in a child’s life, especially during the crucial first few developmental years. We want toys that nurture cognitive development, enhance creativity and entertainingly educate. We don’t want hair-trigger noisemakers that jolt us out of bed at 3am. Don’t you worry- we’ve put in the hours to save you the headache! We’re always on the hunt the best educational toys that help our children grow. Here are Mom’s Best 10 Educational Toys for Kids.

Vtech Count and Learn Turtle, 2+

vtech count and learn turtle electronic learning toy toddler educational toy for 2 year old best educational toy

This interactive toy is a great way to introduce your child to electronic learning toys.  This toy easily surpasses any competitor! It teaches numbers up to twenty, colors, shapes and instruments in English AND Spanish. Start teaching your child a second language early with this V-tech multilingual toy. The recommended age is two and up, however younger children will certainly enjoy this toy. Your child will love the light up numbers and movable rollers while you will love all the learning going on.

With over 125 songs and sounds, you don’t have to worry about hearing the same thing over and over….and over. Also, this toy is great for everyday, in the car or even on long trips- your child will love learning with this entertaining and educational toy. Vtech has a wide array of electronic toys geared towards your developing child. The Count and Learn Turtle is sure to be a favorite!

The Learning Journey Match It!, 4+

Learning Journey Match It best educational toy kids learning toy kids puzzle math puzzle educational toys for 5 year olds learning toy for toddlers

Learning Journey Match It best educational toy kids learning toy kids puzzle letter puzzle educational toys for 4 year olds learning toy for toddlers

Puzzles are a hit with all ages and rightfully a top educational toy. The Learning Journey Match It! comes in several varieties, including math, counting, spelling and matching. The plethora of subjects guarantees that you match your child’s developmental level. Furthermore, it helps them develop reading, spelling and math skills. Colorful pictures catch your child’s interest while matching the correct pieces together keep them intrigued.

Before your child can actually spell or count, they will be entertained trying to match these up. Even before the age of 4, kids will love seeing these puzzles put together. With simple words and pleasing pictures, kids will ask for these time and time again. Whether your child enjoys learning new words or sharpening spelling and math skills, these sets will entertain and educate. The Learning Journey offers many different puzzles as well as other award-winning learning toys your child will love!

ALEX Toys Little Hands Ready, Set, School!, 3+

alex toys little hands ready set school learning toy for kids educational toys toddler toy kids arts and crafts developmental toy
Alex Toys Little Hands Ready, Set, School is the perfect set to inspire your toddler’s creative side while also being a great learning toy. It includes 15 pages of fun, educational activities using the included stackable crayons and kid-safe scissors. It also includes four wipe away books that allow your child to practice tracing letters, numbers and shapes. Stencils, stickers and a lacing activity ensure your child has plenty of practice learning and developing essential skills.

This set is a perfect toddler learning toy for rainy days, long road trips or as a special surprise. Brighten your child’s day and encourage learning and development with this creative educational toy. For your arts and crafts loving preschooler, this set will entertain for hours. Alex Toys in known for its quality art sets that kids love!

Leapfrog Scribble and Write, 3+

Leapfrog Scribble and Write Kids Learning Toy Electronic Toy for kids Toddler developmental toy best learning toy for kids

This top electronic learning toy is a welcome addition to your child’s toy chest. The Leapfrog Scribble and Write features a stylus that is used to trace the light up letters on the screen. Teaching uppercase and lowercase letters A through Z and numbers 1 to 10, it helps your child learn the valuable skills needed to start writing. It even provides feedback and specific instructions as your child is writing so they can easily follow along.

Your child will get all the pencil practice they need with the easy grip stylus. The Leapfrog Scribble and Write is a valuable educational tool that teaches your child the essential skills needed to learn to write the alphabet and numbers, as well as hand-eye coordination, writing and following directions. Your child will love playing with this fun toy all while gaining the knowledge needed in school. This product is rated for children 3 and up

Tinkertoy, 3+

Tinkertoy Essentials Preschool toy learning toy educational toy for kids toddler learning toy best toy for 3 year old developmental toy educational gift

Tinkertoy is a popular children’s learning toy that is loved by children and parents alike. Tinkertoy is part of a family of companies that includes other beloved toys such as K’nex and Lincoln Logs. This well-known toy helps spark creativity in young children. Animals, structures, cars- you name it, your child will build it. Tinkertoy comes with an instruction manual with many different ideas on what and how to build. Parents can guide and play along with their children or encourage independent play.

The snap-on, flexible pieces make it easy for children to build away. Fun, vibrant colors and endless options encourage your child’s imagination. Bring out your child’s inner engineer (and maybe even yours too!) while building hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and problem-solving skills. Tinkertoy is an educational toy company with a dedication to quality and great service. You won’t regret choosing this creative educational toy!

Melissa & Doug Smarty Pants Card Set, 3+

Melissa & Doug Smarty Pants Flash Cards Brain Building learning toy for toddlers preschool learning toy educational toy for kids learning cards

This educational card set from Melissa & Doug is made to match your child’s grade level while still challenging them. Sorted by grade, this set is available for preschoolers all the way to 5th graders. Your little “Smarty Pants” will be so excited to work their way through each fun and age-appropriate card. Each one features challenges ranging from puzzles, math problems, tongue-twisters, vocabulary challenges and even laugh-out-loud facts and trivia. Specifically designed with your child’s curriculum in mind, these cards were made with the help of teachers and educators. Each set includes 120 cards with multiple activities on each.

Help your child learn interesting facts while still encouraging a fun learning experience. Designed to keep children focused, each card has colorful and entertaining designs and pictures. Even children with shorter attention spans will find these cards fascinating! Engage your child with this informative, amusing toy and maybe learn a fact or two yourself! Get absorbed in these appealing cards with your child and build memories while teaching your child valuable lessons. Melissa & Doug is one of the most popular educational toy companies for a reason; quality craftsmanship coupled with a passion for innovation makes their products coveted by all.

LeapFrog Leapstart Interactive Learning SystemAlphabet Adventures and STEM Books, 2+

Leapfrog Leapstart Interactive Preschool Learning Toy Electronic Learning Toy Reading Toy for Kids Best Educational Toy Leapfrog Leapstart Interactive Preschool Learning Toy Electronic Learning Toy Reading Toy for Kids Best Educational Toy STEM books

The LeapFrog LeapStart System is an interactive learning system perfect for your young child. The folding book system features a small stylus perfect for little hands to grip. The stylus senses invisible dots on the pages of each LeapFrog LeapStart book. The system plays the audio specific to the exact location on the page, which can consist of questions, activities, songs and much more! Each book features a wide range of subjects from math and science to writing skills, animals and geography.  The perfect electronic learning toy without any unnecessary screen time. This developmental toy has the resources available to teach your child the valuable skills needed to learn and grow their minds.

Choose which books interest and engage your child at their skill level! Simply add the content of your books to the system with a computer and included cord. Your child will quickly learn that touching the stylus to whichever page interests them will release all kinds of fun content and encourage them to discover what each book has to offer. This is one of the best preschool learning toys because it can grow with your child through its varied content. Great for everyday play or even travel, this durable toy will be a favorite for years to come. LeapFrog is a well-known and trusted educational toy company known for finding inventive ways to pique the interest in your curious child. Each system that LeapFrog offers works with all LeapStart books.

Magna-Tiles, 3+

Magna Tiles Magna-tiles deluxe magnetic toy for kids magnetic toy for toddlers magnetic blocks educational toys learning toys for kids toddler tiles
For kids with endless imaginations and for parents, looking for the perfect educational stimulation: Magna-Tiles! Hours of endless fun awaits your child while helping develop many essential skills. Whether your child is just learning shapes or your seasoned builder is ready to move on from blocks, these magnetic tiles are easily manipulated to the limits of your imagination. This creative educational toy teaches your child to explore endless possibilities.

Build structures as big as your little one and get creative with your creations. Ensure your child is building fine motor skills, problem-solving and spatial skills all while playing with a top developmental toy. Available in starter sizes for beginners or bigger sets if you’re ready to invest. These sturdy, quality and safe tiles are perfect for the young and old. Teach your child basic geometry while developing creativity and imagination! Avoid the ouch of stepping on blocks- go the tile route! Your new favorite activity with your child or on their own, these tiles will not disappoint.

Learning Resources Pretend & Play Calculator Cash Register, 3+

Learning Resources Pretend Play Kids Cash Register Calculator Toddler Cash Register Kids Learning Toy Educational Toy for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Transport your child to the world of pretend play with this realistic and educational toy. This Learning Resources Pretend & Play Calculator Cash Register is the perfect companion for the inquisitive child. Your child will learn about money, counting and making change while being immersed in the imaginary store of their choosing! With 70 pieces of pretend paper bills, plastic coins and a pretend credit card, you can start instilling the value of earning and spending money.

Forget constantly changing batteries- this solar-powered calculator will encourage them to build on their basic math skills without them! The storage drawer is perfect for holding the money and the drawer’s “cha-ching” will be a delight for all. You will love this highly educational toy and it will be a big hit in your household. Learning Resources is a top educational toy company that produces some of the best developmental and educational toys for kids. Relied on by classrooms around the world, Learning Resources develops some of the best high-quality and educational learning toys!


Melissa & Doug Deluxe Magnetic Standing Art Easel With Chalkboard, Dry-Erase Board, and 39 Letter and Number Magnets, 3+

Melissa Doug Wooden Magnetic Art Easel for Kids Toddler Easel Learning Toy for kids Educational Toy for Toddlers blackboard easel painting easel

This sturdy and inspiring easel is the perfect creative tool for your toddler, preschooler and beyond. This height-adjustable easel has an easy to use paper roll holder, two art supply trays and 39 magnetic letters and numbers. Double-sided equals double the fun with the magnetic chalkboard and dry-erase board. Quality wooden materials ensure a sturdy and long-lasting construction. Painting, drawing and spelling out words or are only a few of the ways kids can endlessly play with the Melissa & Doug Deluxe Magnetic Art Easel.

Young artists will find creative and educational ways to play. Put together simple math equations with the included magnetic numbers and equation signs. This highly recommended product will spark creativity in your little artist. The perfect mix of educational, creative and interactive, this art easel is a great addition to your home! Melissa & Doug make quality children’s educational toys and is one of the most trusted educational toy companies. They have several additions for your little artist, such as kid-friendly paint brushes, paper, paint, chalk, chalkboard erasers and more- everything you need to complete your set.

Did we miss your favorite educational toy? Drop us a line to share your thoughts.




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Mom’s Best School Lunch Supplies of 2018

Our favorite picks for your kids lunch, whether you’re looking for bento-style lunch boxes, cute decorations for your kid’s lunch box, adorable lunch bags and  b e y o n d! We’ve gathered up all of the best kids lunch supplies to make school lunches cute and easy to make! Click on the picture for purchase information of each product!

Fluf gummy bear lunch bag lunch box for kids lunchbox zipper lunch school lunch kids lunch bag insulatedFluf popsicle lunch bag lunch box for kids lunchbox lunch sack school lunch kids lunch bag insulatedso young soyoung fox lunch bag lunch box for kids lunchbox zipper lunch school lunch kids lunch bag with handle lunchbox with strap insulatedso young soyoung giraffe lunch bag lunch box for kids lunchbox zipper lunch school lunch kids lunch bag with handle lunchbox with strap insulatedinsulated lunch bag unicorn lunch box for kids lunchbox zipper lunch school lunch kids lunch bag with handle lunchbox insulated lunch bag skip hop unicorn lunch box for kids lunchbox zipper lunch school lunch kids lunch bag with handle lunchbox insulated lunch bag packit freezer lunch box for kids lunchbox zipper lunch school lunch kids lunch bag with handle lunchbox insulated lunch bag packit freezer lunch box for kids lunchbox zipper lunch school lunch kids lunch bag with handle lunchbox yumbox lunch lunch box for kids lunchbox kids school lunch bento lunchbox yumbox lunch lunch box for kids lunchbox kids school lunch bento lunchbox leakproof lunch boxplanet box stainless steel lunch box for kids lunchbox kids school lunch bento lunchbox leakproof lunch box planetboxlittle bento lunchbox ideas for kids bento kids bento box recipes lunch ideas bookfit fresh lunch box for kids lunchbox icepacks kids school lunch ice pack lunchbox lunch box penguinbentology lunch box for kids lunchbox icepacks kids school lunch ice pack lunchbox lunch box penguinkids food pick lunch ideas lunchbox decorations cute lunchbox ideas school lunch kids food pick lunch ideas lunchbox decorations cute lunchbox ideas school lunch kids food pick lunch ideas lunchbox decorations cute lunchbox ideas school lunch kids food pick lunch ideas lunchbox decorations cute lunchbox ideas school lunch kids food pick lunch ideas lunchbox decorations cute lunchbox ideas school lunch kids food pick lunch ideas lunchbox decorations cute lunchbox ideas school lunch food stampers sandwich stampers kids lunch punch lunch ideas lunchbox decorations cute lunchbox ideas school lunch food stampers sandwich stampers kids lunch punch lunch ideas lunchbox decorations cute lunchbox ideas school lunch food stampers sandwich stampers kids lunch ideas lunchbox decorations cute lunchbox ideas school lunch placemat place mat for kidskids lunch ideas lunchbox decorations cute lunchbox ideas school lunch placemat place mat for kidskids lunch ideas lunchbox decorations cute lunchbox ideas school lunch placemat place mat for kids cloth place matkids lunch ideas lunchbox decorations unicorn cute lunchbox ideas school lunch cloth utensil case for kidskids lunch ideas lunchbox decorations cute lunchbox ideas school lunch unicorn cloth napkins unpaper towelskids lunch ideas lunchbox decorations cute lunchbox ideas school lunch cloth napkins unpaper towels

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Mom’s Best 10 Back to School: Best Backpacks of 2018

Mom’s Best 10 Back to School: Best Backpacks of 2018!

Whether your child is ready for big kid school, headed to daycare or just needs a stylish bag for their essentials, we’ve got you covered! We’ve searched high and low and found the sturdiest, trendiest and most loved picks for back to school. These bags all come in a variety of sizes, styles and prices so you can pick the very best option for you and your little ones. We’ve got kids of all ages covered, from daycare, elementary and beyond. We’ve got your back!

Here are Mom’s Best 10 Backpacks of 2018!

Herschel Supply Co. Heritage Kids Backpack

Herschel Supply Co. Heritage Kids Backpack

Herschel has become a popular brand in the last few years for their simple, stylish and timeless backpacks. Available in an abundance of sizes and styles, this mini version is geared towards kids and is sized for children ages 3 to 6.

Perfect for daycare all the way up to early elementary, this backpack will last for years. Available in a wide array of stylish colors and designs, they are sure to please you and your child. This well-made pack is essential for the stylish kid who loves a classic style with great details. Made with your child in mind, this backpack fits little ones comfortably and ergonomically!

Fjallraven Kanken Backpack

Fjallraven Kanken Backpack Mini Standard Kids backpack toddler backpack school backpack

This popular backpack made in Sweden is beloved for its classic design as well as its durable, innovative material available in an abundance of bright colors. The Fjallraven Kanken makes mini and standard sizes, both which are great for kids or adults! Whether you need an everyday pack with ample storage to hold your children’s belongings or your child needs a sturdy backpack for school, this dirt and water-resistant pack can handle it all. Easily wiped clean.

This pack comes with a front pocket as well as two side pockets to easily keep organized. This backpack for kids is woven with adjustable straps ensure comfort when wearing on the back and a top handle is convenient when you quickly need to grab and go. This dependable pack is sturdy enough to endure school life and lightweight enough to be used for quick daily outings. The Kanken backpack is a stylish investment worth every penny!

SoYoung Grade School Backpack

SoYoung Grade School backpack Kids backpack toddler backpack school backpack

No loud, ostentatious backpacks here! The adorable, but classy design of the SoYoung Grade School backpack will definitely be a hit for your trendy toddler. With several simple, classic designs to choose from, you will absolutely find one that your child loves. These linen backpacks feature simple, colorful animal prints and come in a toddler size as well as a larger grade school size.

This machine washable backpack is easy to clean and keep clean! This backpack for kids will have plenty of space with a roomy interior, zippered mesh pockets and two side pockets. SoYoung has a complete line of backpacks, lunch boxes, diaper bags and much more! Each bag features comfortable straps with a chest clip ensuring it stays put no matter what your little is up to! This well made backpack will become a favorite and will last years!

STATE Mini Kane Backpack

STATE mini kane pink mint backpack Kids backpack toddler backpack school backpack

These stylish, colorful backpacks are meant for school age children but can easily be rocked by a mom on-the-go! These backpacks come in many fashionable color combinations as well as a few trendy, simple, attractive designs. STATE even has a limited edition Star Wars collection! The perfect size for you or your little one, these backpacks have a myriad of pockets to fit and organize everything you need! STATE has several size options, with the mini Kane and the Kane meant for elementary school and several other options for older children.

This fantastic company has an array of special projects funding underprivileged children and targeting the disadvantaged youth in America. Feel good about your purchase- for every bag purchased, STATE donates one fully packed with supplies to an American child in need!

Jansport Superbreak Backpack

 Jansport Superbreak backpack Kids backpack toddler backpack school backpack

This classic backpack has been our go-to for years to come! Jansport is a dependable brand many families rely on year after year. With a wide variety of basic and more intricate designs to choose from, they’ve got your picky kids covered. This American made backpack is roomy, durable and comfortable backpack is a great option for kids of all ages. This quality backpack is made with back and strap padding to ensure lots of great support. A myriad of pockets guarantees that you have plenty of space to stay organized. For kids that need lots of space for schoolbooks and homework, this backpack is for you!

Skip Hop Zoo Little Kid and Toddler Backpack

With a plethora of designs to choose from and more added frequently, the Skip Hop Zoo collection will surely have a design to please your little one. With matching characters for backpacks, lunch bags, utensils and much more, you can mix and match as you please. This backpack is not only fun and adorable; it is a fully functional, sturdy and durable backpack that will meet all of your needs. Perfect for daycare, preschool or even a playdate at the park!

This small but roomy backpack is perfect for those days you need a few essentials for your little and even a few for you. Whether you need space for your daily essentials or your child needs a little help carrying all their little treasures, this backpack is for you! Includes a roomy insulated front pouch and a mesh side pocket for drinks and more. Easy to clean. Adorable little features and a great design! Comfortable for your little or you to hold on to. Sure to be loved by all!

Olive Kids Sidekick Backpack

Olive Kids Sidekick Backpack Kids backpack toddler backpack school backpack

This durable backpack comes in a variety of adorable design, all that come with coordinating lunch boxes, napmats and bedding to mix or match with! Several sizes and styles also available so you and your little can pick exactly what meets your needs. Wildkin offers a one-year warranty ensuring that you’re set, all year long.

This roomy backpack also has plenty of space with a plethora of pockets to keep your little student organized! Its padded back and adjustable, padded straps also make sure that your child is comfortable. Sturdy enough to last everyday at school and stylish enough to go to the park and beyond. This backpack will last through whatever you need it for!

Sugarbooger Kiddie Play Pack

Sugarbooger Kiddie Play Pack Kids backpack baby backpack toddler backpack school backpack

The Sugarbooger Kiddie Play Pack is an adorable backpack perfect for kids. Designed to easily be used by children, this attractive pack is available in many whimsical prints that your child will love! Its unique design and durable, waterproof material means it will stick around for years to come. The perfect size to hold your child’s essentials, it can be used for everyday, for preschool and beyond. This colorful brand has all of its great designs available in lunch boxes and plenty of lunch essentials to mix and match. Machine washable to tackle even the worst messes. Comfortable straps and a convenient carrying handle.

Loungefly Disney Backpack

Loungefly Disney Backpack Star Wars Kids backpack baby backpack toddler backpack school backpackLoungefly Disney Backpack Kids backpack baby backpack toddler backpack school backpack

Got a Disney loving guy or gal? Loungefly has an entire line of Disney backpacks suited for all ages! From Beauty and the Beast to Disney princesses to Star Wars, you are sure to find the character your child will love from this collection! Whether your child is using this backpack for school, for a trip to Disney or for you to use daily to hold all of their gear, this multi-purpose backpack will suite all of your needs. Easily wiped clean, the durable nylon material is made to last.

The padded, adjustable straps means you or your little will have the perfect fit while remaining comfortable. The roomy main compartment has space for all your essentials while the smaller front pocket helps keep you organized. The beautiful, vibrant artwork on this great quality bag will definitely be a favorite for years to come. Loungefly even has matching pencil cases and wallets, as well as a variety of backpack sizes and styles to mix and match!

Herschel Supply Co. Retreat Youth

Herschel Supply Co Retreat Backpack Kids Backpack Toddler Backpack

This trendy bag comes in a variety of basic colors and prints. Best for children 7 and up, this stylish bag has an inner drawstring as well as a top flap with magnetic closures. This spacious bag has several interior pockets, including a padded laptop sleeve, and an outside pocket. The interior comes lined with a sturdy, colorfully striped material that your child will love.

The strong, well-padded straps distribute weight evenly so your little one remains comfortable while ensuring this backpack lasts even when stuffed to the brim. Even the heaviest school books will be carried effortlessly in this lightweight bag. The great design, quality and durability of this sleek bag will make this your go-to backpack for years!

Beatrix New York Little Kid Backpack

Beatrix New York Little Kids Backpack Toddler Backpack Baby Backpack

This adorable line of backpacks comes in a variety of kid-friendly designs and styles. From robots, dinosaurs and an array of underwater animals, your child will fall in love with these whimsical backpacks! Luckily, Beatrix New York has all of their prints available in lunch boxes, bento boxes, pouches and more! Mix and match all of their adorable styles to suit your little one. In addition to the Little Kid Backpack, which is designed for toddlers, Beatrix New York also has a line of Big Kid Backpacks with more space and storage for your growing kids!

Sure to last you years to come, the sturdy nylon/canvas material is easy to wipe clean, is stain-resistant and even machine washable! An interior zippered pocket will help keep your little organized while the exterior side pockets hold your essentials. Padded straps and a padded back make sure your little one stays comfortable all day long. Your child will love these stylish designs while you will adore this easy to clean, comfortable backpack!

Vans Schooling Backpack

Vans Schooling Kids Backpack

This well-made backpack from Vans is the perfect backpack regardless of your needs! With lots of fun, funky designs to choose from, you will fall in love with this amazing bag. The sturdy material will withstand it all! The interior has a multitude of pockets and even has a padded laptop sleeve.

The comfortable, adjustable straps are padded to ensure your child is comfortable no matter how much homework the teacher sends home! This lightweight bag will fit your little one perfectly, without creating any extra bulk. You and your child will fall in love with this amazing backpack!