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Mom’s Best 10 Summertime Essentials for Kids of 2019

Make summertime easy and fun with these products designed to simplify your life! Whether you are vacationing, hitting up the splash pad, or kicking it at home, these products will last all summer long. No need to worry about keeping the kids occupied during the hot summer months- loads of fun and hours of entertainment await them!

Best Sunscreen Pick
Thinkbaby Safe Sunscreen SPF 50+

Thinkbaby Safe Sunscreen Spf 50

One of the best sunscreens for babies, kids and even adults! Thinkbaby Safe Sunscreen is a safe, effective and top rated sunscreen built to protect the whole family. Free of harsh chemicals, this natural sunscreen was given a ‘1’ rating by the EWG, attesting to its safety and lack of chemicals.

From the beach to the park or splash pad- this water-resistant, healthy sunscreen can handle it all. Easy to apply, non-greasy, and it even has a pleasant smell. This zinc oxide based sunscreen is truly one of the best physical sunscreens! Perfect for sensitive baby skin or adult skin, while limiting the chemical exposure most other sunscreens include. Thinkbaby Safe is your go-to sunscreen.

Perfect Hat For All Year Long
SwimZip Unisex Child Wide Brim Sun Protection Hat UPF 50 

Swimzip Child Sunhat Baby Sunhat with Sun Protection Unisex
SwimZip Child Sunhat baby sunhat sun protection upf50 unisex

The SwimZip Wide Brim Sun Hat has been a favorite of moms for many years. With rave reviews for the quality, protection and fit, this kids sun hat is sure to be a hit in your household. Babies, toddlers and kids will all love this comfortable hat available in a wide array of colors. With an SPF 50+ material, this hat will keep your little one cute and covered.

The hat is adjustable around the head and chin, ensuring that this hat will be a favorite for years. SwimZip thought of it all when designing this durable, adjustable and comfortable hat. It even floats if dropped in the water! The wide brim will keep your kid covered while the built in mesh vents will keep them cool. Equally as cool in and out of the pool! No need to sacrifice style; your little will look and feel great in these hats. Pool, beach, park and beyond, this quick dry hat will meet all of your (and your kids) needs. This water friendly sun hat is the perfect mix of lightweight and durable. The adjustability guarantees this hat will fit- and stay on- even the wiggliest of babies. The perfect sun hat, all year long.

Perfect For The Pool
Stearns Puddle Jumper Basic Life Jacket

Stearns Puddle Jumper Life Jacket Summer Pool Safety Kids lifejacket baby life jacket
Stearns Puddle Jumper Life Jacket Baby Life Jacket Summer Kids Swim Safety Kids Life Jacket


The Puddle Jumper Basic Life Jacket is a must for toddlers and kids that cannot swim on their own. This high quality life jacket is perfect for the pool or beach. Your child will love choosing from the fun design options and will love wearing this comfortable life vest that does not interfere with their swimming. It conveniently helps encourage the moves needed for your child to learn to swim! US Coast Guard approved and proven to help you child become more comfortable in the water. You can trust this reputable and well-loved brand to keep your little ones safe!

Fully adjustable so your child will have the perfect fit. Give your child the independence they crave without compromising their safety. The Puddle Jumper Life Jacket is perfectly designed to adjust as your child grows and tough enough to last through the years! Kids love it! Even the most nervous of swimmers will feel secure once they realize this life jacket will keep their head above water. Easily slipped onto your child, securely in place once buckled. This product will keep your child afloat and help build their confidence in the water. They will have many swimming skills once they are ready to learn. As always, know what your child is comfortable with and never leave a child unattended in water. Keep your child safe AND encourage swimming skills with this great life vest!

Kid Friendly Sunglasses
Babiators Original Navigator Sunglasses 

Babiators Original Kids Sunglasses Baby Sunglasses
Babiators Original Navigator Kids Sunglasses Baby Sunglasses

Baby and kid sunglasses are not only a stylish addition to their wardrobes- they are a must have for the sunny summer months to shade their eyes from harmful rays! Keep that kid comfortable and cute with these sunglasses from Babiators. These great glasses keep the bright sun out of baby or toddlers eyes so they are comfortable, happy and stylish. With several colors to choose from, you will easily match your kids colorful clothes while keeping their eyes safe and protected.

These durable frames were made with prying kids hands in mind- they feature a flexible yet sturdy frame and shatter-resistant lenses to deter any accidental damage. Meant to last through the toughest of toddler grips, these glasses have a one year replacement guarantee to cover loss or damage! Arm your children with the protection they need while still ensuring they’re the most stylish kid in town! Your child will love the great fit and fun colors while you will love the shade and comfort they provide.

Year Round Sand and Water Table
Step2 Cascading Cove Sand and Water Table

Step2 Cascading Cove Water Table Kids Water Table with umbrella Sand Table with cover Baby water table

Tired of towing your toddler to the neighborhood pool? This fun sand and water table will cool them down while providing hours of entertainment! Kids can splish and splash away while you relax within arms reach. This multi-use table can be used with water, sand and more for lots of sensory fun! The Step2 Cascading Cove Sand and Water Table is the perfect summer toy for endless outdoor entertainment. This water table will surely be a huge hit with all ages.

Easily used indoors and outdoors, it can be enjoyed all year long. Keeping it outdoors? No problem! The included sturdy cover will guarantee no bugs, animals or unwanted creatures disturb your child’s treasures. An included umbrella ensures your child will stay protected outside so no need to interrupt your child’s fun time! Keep baby’s imagination busy and encourage independent play with this sand and water table, sure to last through the years.

Perfect Summer Water Shoes
Native Jefferson Slip-On Sneaker


Native Jefferson Sneaker Toddler Water Shoes baby water shoes for summer
Native Jeffersons Sneakers Kids water shoes baby water shoes for summer


Looking for the perfect summer and water shoes? Look no further! Native Jefferson Slip-on Sneakers will satisfy all of your summer needs. These slip-on, waterproof shoes are a great alternative to sandals and perfect for a water-filled day. Whether you’re spending time at the pool, beach or splash pad, these stylish shoes will protect your tots toes all day long. The perforations make the shoes breathable, antimicrobial and odor resistant, to keep your childs feet nice and clean. These lightweight shoes are not only comfortable, but stylish! Available in a wide variety of color combinations (including glow in the dark!), your child can easily find their favorite color.

The comfortable EVA material molds to your child’s foot, making them flexible but also making sure they stay put- no uncomfortable rubbing or chaffing and no lost shoes at the water park! Best of all, these shoes are so easy to clean- sweaty, summertime feet are no match! These will easily be your go to shoe all summer long. Native Shoes make a large variety of kid-friendly shoes in numerous colors and styles.

Guaranteed To Keep Them Hydrated
Camelbak Eddy Kids


Camelbak Eddy Kids Water Bottle Sippy Cup Straw Cup
Camelbak Eddy Kids Water Bottle Sippy Cup Straw Cup

Your kids will have no trouble staying hydrated with this fun cup! Sure to be a summer favorite, this sporty cup is perfect for soccer practice or an active afternoon at the playground. The medical grade silicone valve is very durable and bite-resistant. The slightly wider straw produces a faster flow of liquid, perfect for quick breaks in between the action.

Available in over a dozen awesome designs including karate, soccer, biking and snowboarding, kids will surely love this easy-to-use cup. The BPA-free cup features a spill-resistant design, and they carry up to 12 ounces of hydrating goodness. So you’ll spend less time refilling and more time having fun!

Hours of Water Fun
Intex Surf N Slide Inflatable Play Center


Intex Surf Slide Inflatable Water Slide Summer Water Fun Kids Water Slide

Intex Dinoland Inflatable Play Center Water Slide Baby Water Slide baby pool kids water slide kids pool summer
Endless fun in your backyard awaits all summer long when you purchase this fun, entertaining water slide! The slide can be used with or without the two included rafts and supports a weight of up to 176 lbs. All ages will have a blast with this water slide. Take your outdoor toy game to a new level with this fun slide sure to be asked for every day.

Keep the kids busy for hours at a time. Whether you are looking for a fun birthday party idea, celebrating an outdoor holiday or just want an everyday toy that your kids will love, this is the perfect addition to your outdoor toy repertoire! Great quality product with rave reviews. Relax on the sidelines while your kids have a blast or join in on the fun!

Perfect Summer Suit
SwimZip Long Sleeve Sunsuit with UPF 50 Sun Protection


SwimZip Longsleeve Sunsuit Kids Long Sleeve Bathing Suit Rashguard Kids Sun Set Baby sunsuit
SwimZip Longsleeve Sunsuit Kids Long Sleeve Bathing Suit Rashguard Kids Sun Set Baby sunsuit

SwimZip’s Long Sleeve Sunsuit offers the perfect full-coverage protection for your tot on hot summer days! Whether you are hitting up the pool, beach or just enjoying a hot day playing outside, this full-coverage suit is going to be your new favorite. With a full frontal zipper, there will be no more struggles getting your kid dressed or getting a wet bathing suit off.

Paranoid about sunburns? No need! Constant sunscreen application will be a thing of the past- this suit blocks 98% of the sun’s harmful rays! These swimsuits promise durability, ease of use and protection. The stretchy, breathable fabric is resistant to all of the elements ensuring your child stays protected so they don’t get overheated and it lasts as long as you need it! Babies and toddlers will love the fun colors and designs and you will love this soft, comfortable alternative to a swim suit.

Perfect For Parties
Bunch O Balloons Water Balloons

Bunch of Balloons Instant Water Balloons Summer Water Fun Kids summer activities kids summer water fun

Keep cool in the hot, summer heat with these fast fill water balloons! Gone are the times of filling and tying individual balloons by hand. These innovative water balloons allow you to fill up a hundred balloons in less than a minute! No tying necessary- these water balloons self tie! With lots of colors to choose from, you are sure to find your child’s favorite color. Whether you’re hosting a bbq, birthday party or just a fun day outside, these water balloons are sure to be a hit with kids and adults alike! Water balloons will be fast and simple and your family fun day will be complete.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our roundup of Mom’s Best 10 Summer Essentials for Babies and Kids! As always, drop a line if you have any to add!










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Mom’s Best 10 Sippy Cups & Straw Cups of 2018

best sippy cups, best straw cups, non spill cups, spill proof baby cups,

New and experienced moms alike know the importance of a great sippy cup. It’s much more than just a plastic mechanism for delivering liquid goodness. Finding that perfect balance between easy to use yet spill proof, while being stylish yet durable, may seem like an impossibility.

Thankfully, every conceivable variety of sippy cup has been designed, manufactured and thoroughly tested by every maker of quality baby products. How do you know what’s suitable for your family? We’ve picked out the top rated sippy cups. Whether you have a little one who is just starting solids or an experienced toddler, we’ve got your back!

Here are Mom’s Best 10 Sippy Cups and Straw Cups of 2018!

Our Go-To Pick for Toddlers:
Philips Avent My Bendy Straw Cup

best sippy cups, best straw cups, non spill cups, spill proof sippy cup, baby cups, toddler cups, toddler sippy cup, straw cups, kids straw cupbest sippy cups, best straw cups, non spill cups, philips avent my first bendy straw cup, spill proof sippy cup, baby cups, toddler cups, toddler sippy cup, straw cups, kids straw cup, philips avent sippy cup

best sippy cups, best straw cups, non spill cups, spill proof sippy cup, baby cups, toddler cups, toddler sippy cup, straw cups, kids straw cupFor intermediate to advanced straw-users, the Philips Avent My Bendy Straw Cup is our go-to toddler cup. One of the best straw sippy cups, this cup can be trusted with water, milk, or juice. What we like best about the design is the rotating top, which easily conceals the straw preventing it from becoming dirty, making it the perfect cup to take to the park or the beach.

Another great quality of the Avent My Bendy Straw Cup is that it is compatible with most of the Avent line of bottles and cups, as the pieces are interchangeable. As a result, you can mix and match pieces for all of your Philips Avent cups and bottles. There are several spout and straw options to choose from, and the bases can be used as bottles or sippy cups. Furthermore, there are several designs to choose from, and every item is BPA-free for peace of mind!

Budget Friendly Cups:
First Years Take & Toss Spill-Proof Straw Cups & Sippy Cups

First Years Take & Toss Spill Proof Straw CupFirst Years Take and Toss Spillproof Sippy Cup

The First Years Take and Toss line of spill-proof cups is a great way to introduce cups to your child.  This sippy cup has available options like a snap on sippy lid or a straw lid, therefore this versatile cup can be used by kids of all ages. The valve-free design guarantees easy sipping for the little ones, while still preventing leaks and spills. This cup can be best as a first time sippy cup or a great cup for a toddler. The simple and colorful design will also appeal to older kids. The Take & Toss is one of the best sippy cups for milk, water and juice! We chose the four-pack of ten-ounce cups as it is currently priced under $2, which is remarkably inexpensive for such a quality product.

This sippy cup was designed with your child’s well being in mind, as it is made without PVCs, BPA or phthalates. It is durable, colorful, affordable and versatile cup will surely be a favorite in your household!

First Time Straw User Pick:
Zoli BOT Straw Sippy Cup

Zoli Bot Straw First Sippy Cup
Zoli Baby Straw Sippy Cup

 For first time straw users, the Zoli BOT straw sippy cup is the ideal choice to teach your baby how to use a straw.  One of the best starter sippy cups, this cup has a valve-free straw featuring a weighted ball at the end, which ensures the straw stays with the liquid no matter what direction the cup is being held. This is actually a pretty interesting and unique design, and although it is not spill proof, it will assist your child to easily master the straw cup.

Younger tots often learn to drink from sippy cups with handles and spouts, which require them to tilt the cup upwards to access that sweet, sweet nectar inside. That motion obviously does not work with a standard straw cup, so the design on this sippy cup’s straw eases the learning curve. The Zoli is a great infant sippy cup, not to mention it’s also BPA and phthalate free, which we certainly appreciate.

 Best Stainless Steel Cup:
Thermos Foogo Phases

Thermos Foogo Stainless Steel Sippy Cup

Thermos Foogo Stainless Steel Sippy Cup

Produced by the iconic Thermos company (who doesn’t remember the classic Thermos kids lunch boxes?), this is the only stainless steel cup featured on this list. Despite recent advances in plastics eliminating harmful chemicals like BPA and phthalates, some moms may want to opt for a stainless steel cup for the added protection and insulation. This particular cup has been proven to inhibit bacteria growth in independently conducted testing.

Need your liquids kept cool? The insulated 10-ounce Thermos Foogo cup keeps your liquids cold for up to ten hours! BPA free and made with double wall stainless steel, this cup features vacuum insulation technology. Its components are intercheangable with all Foogo Phases cup, and there’s even a matching line of food jars. The name Thermos became synonymous with insulated food and liquid storage products for good reason!

 Survive Every Tantrum Cup:
Munchkin Click Lock Sippy Cup

Munchkin Paw Patrol Sippy Cups
Munchkin Click Lock Insulated Paw Patrol Sippy Cup

Looking for a cup that can survive even the toughest of toddler tantrums? Look no further than the Munchkin Click Lock Sippy Cup. It can withstand the highest of highchair throws, the bitiest of bite marks, and the strongest pries little hands can muster. This no spill sippy cup has a click lock top makes it nearly impossible for a little one to open, all while the insulated design keeps liquids cools and fresh for longer.

The spill-proof valve is easy to remove and clean, and stays in place even if the cup is hurled against myriad household surfaces. This top sippy cup is great for infants as a starter sippy cup or experienced toddlers. Great sippy cup for milk, juice and other liquids. From Paw Patrol to Sesame Street, there are lots of variations that kids will appreciate. Also BPA-free for your peace of mind.

Best for Bottle-to-Cup Transition:
NUK Learner Cup

Nuk Cars Learning Learner Sippy CupNuk Hello Kitty Sippy Cup
Is your little one ready to transition from the bottle or breast to a sippy cup? The NUK learner cup makes this transition easy and simple! NUK, which is affiliated with the well-known Gerber brand of baby products, offers this sippy cup with a soft spout that mimics a baby bottle. This makes the NUK learner cup is a great transition sippy cup as well as a great no spill sippy cup!

The spill-proof spout has an air vent that reduces swallowing air, which helps with baby’s gassiness and bloating. The soft, anti-slip handles and the easy, spill-proof flow encourage independence. The base with attached handles is easily removed for cleaning. Great as an infant sippy cup, a sippy cup for milk and a sippy cup for toddlers! There are several great designs, sizes and colors to choose from. This line of sippy cups is also BPA-free and dishwasher safe.

Best Sports Cup:
Camelbak Eddy Kids

Camelbak Eddy Kids Water Bottle
Camelbak Eddy Kids sippy cup water bottle

This sporty cup is perfect for soccer practice or an active afternoon at the playground. The medical grade silicone valve is very durable and bite-resistant. The slightly wider straw produces a faster flow of liquid, perfect for quick breaks in between the action.

Available in over a dozen awesome designs including karate, soccer, biking and snowboarding, kids will surely love this easy-to-use cup. The BPA-free cup features a spill-resistant design, and they carry up to 12 ounces of hydrating goodness. So you’ll spend less time refilling and more time cheering.

Great to Grow With:
Oxo Tot Sippy Cup Set with Training Lid

Oxo Tot Sippy CupOxo Tot Sippy Learner Cup Set

The Oxo Tot Sippy Cup is a durable toddler cup that sticks with your little one from sippy cup to grown up cup. With options between a soft spout and hard spout, both options come with a training lid. The non-slip handles and leak-proof valve encourage independent drinking. Babies still learning to use sippy cups can use the handles and soft spout. As they grow, the handles can be removed and the training cup lid can replace the valve, teaching your tot the skills needed to transition to a big kid cup!

All Oxo Tot cups have interchangeable parts are well. Thankfully, this line of cups is also BPA, Phthalate and PVC free as well as top rack dishwasher safe.

Best Wanna Be A Grown-Up Cup:
Munchkin Miracle 360 Cup

Munchkin Miracle 360 CupMunchkin Miracle 360 Cup

Is your child ready to move towards more grown up cups? The Munchkin Miracle 360 cup is perfect for toddlers that are ready for this crucial transition! Designed to look like an actual grown up cup, this sippy cup features an excellent 360-degree spoutless design. Also, it has a silicone valve so that toddlers can chug away from any angle without spilling a drop.

With the help of this dentist recommended cup, toddlers will learn how to use a regular cup in no time! This sippy cup is also BPA free and dishwasher safe, and comes in a variety of colors and themes.

Most Versatile Straw Cup:
Skip Hop Zoo Straw Bottle

Skip Hop Zoo Straw Sippy Cup
Skip Hop Zoo Straw Sippy Cup Bottle

The Skip Hop Zoo Straw bottle is a great straw cup is for when your toddler is ready to move past soft spouts to the magical land of straws! This straw cup is truly versatile–from a sports water bottle to a smoothie cup–it works great in every scenario. The lid can be closed to cover the straw and prevent dirt, making it a great outdoor cup, too.

This sippy straw cup comes packed with an extra straw and a velcro handle that can strap to any backpack or diaper bag. They have a multitude of animals to pick from and release new ones often. All of the adorable animal character cups have matching sets of gear including snack pouches, plates, backpacks and more!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of Mom’s Best 10 Sippy Cups. Did we miss your favorite sippy or straw cup? Or do you want to drop us a line to share your feedback? Heck, even just to say hey! We’d love to hear from you. Send us an email and we’ll send you one back!












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Mom’s Best 10 New Baby Products of 2019

must have baby gear, best new baby products of 2018, moms best 10, new baby gear, new baby products

Here at Mom’s Best 10, we are tirelessly searching for the newest and best baby products. Our goal is to test the top kid and baby items and filter out the great from the not-so-great, so you don’t have to. Whether you are looking for the highly-rated, modern, technologically-advanced or eco-friendly baby and kid options, we’ve got you covered! We’ve rounded out our list of the latest trend-setting, stylish and highest-rated baby gear. These are your must-have baby items and our favorite new products of 2018.

Veer Cruiser Stroller Wagon

Veer Cruiser Stroller Wagon

Move over, flimsy plastic wagons- the Veer Cruiser Stroller Wagon is here! The Veer Cruiser Stroller Wagon is a great alternative to a full-size stroller. No more hard-to-push wagons- this stroller wagon promises a comfortable ride for your kiddos as well as easy maneuverability for you. Keep your children safe, secure and comfortable with the 3-point harness and countered seat. Your children can easily and comfortably interact without issues in this generously-sized wagon, all while taking in the 360 degree view! This cool stroller wagon even holds car seats with their car seat adapter.

Airless, rugged tires ensure this wagon can take on any terrain. Easily go to the beach or trek on a hike with the all-terrain wheels. The adjustable handles ensure the perfect height no matter who is pushing. Easily load up your crew AND your gear- this baby holds up to 110 lbs! This stroller wagon not only has plenty of storage space, it folds down to a compact and lightweight size for easy storage. This durable wagon comes with all the bells and whistles, including a cup holder, one-handed fold and more! Made of sturdy aluminum, this wagon will last you years to come!

Baby Brezza Formula Pro

 The Baby Brezza Formula Pro makes feeding time as simple as a touch of a button. No more bleary-eyed late nights measuring out, mixing and heating formula- your hungry babe will have a perfectly warm, perfectly prepared bottle in less than a minute. This convenient baby formula dispenser also works with all major bottle brands, has a removable water tank and provides airtight storage for formula powder.

Baby Brezza has your baby’s health in mind, ensuring that the formula dispenser uses the highest hygiene standards. The Baby Brezza Formula Pro Formula Dispenser was built with sleep-deprived parents in mind! Save yourself time and headaches, with this easy-to-use system.

Fisher-Price On-The-Go Baby Dome

The Fisher-Price On-The-Go Baby Dome is a compact, multi-functional play area and napping spot. The versatile Baby Dome is ideal for many different uses. Staying home? Baby can nap, relax or play in this comfortable, padded pod. Heading out and about? The perfect size to take on-the-go, visiting family or traveling.

This sturdy, lightweight system is even usable outdoors, whether you’re headed to the park or the beach! The large canopy keeps baby protected from the sun and any critters, while the breathable mesh sides keeps them cool. No need for a bulky pack and play- this roomy, convenient play pen folds down flat and even has a handle. Worried about baby blow-outs or spit up? The removable padding is machine-washable! This innovative, high quality and popular baby product is designed to last.

Doona Infant Car Seat/Stroller

 The Doona Infant Car Seat and Stroller System is an all-in-one stroller and car seat, designed to make your life easier! One of the top baby products of 2018, this new and unique system is a must-have for parents. No more bulky strollers, fumbling with car seat adapters or messing with complicated travel systems. This innovative product has all the best features of a great car seat and stroller, rolled into one.

The Doona Car Seat and Stroller System features a one click system, taking it from a car seat to a stroller in seconds! This versatile car seat can be used with the included car seat base or with the integrated LATCH system. It also includes their Infant Insert & Head Support to ensure your newborn is safe and secure. Great for families that travel and approved for airplane use! Doona truly thought of everything with this convenient car seat and stroller system. The adjustable handlebar even becomes a rebound bar for added safety when used as a car seat. With the highest safety and quality ratings, this modern car seat and stroller combination is made to last.

Skip Hop Explore & More Baby’s View 3-Stage Activity Center & Skip Hop Chairs

Skip Hop Explore and more Baby Activity Center Must Have 2018
Skip Hop toddler explore and more Chairs must have baby

The Skip Hop Explore & More Baby’s View 3-Stage Activity Center is an essential baby product for new parents. This multi-functioning activity center has a 360-degree rotating seat that allows baby to explore every fun-filled corner! No obnoxious colors or sounds- this modern baby product lets your babe bounce away while they play with the multitude of fun toys. The built-in foot support platform is adjustable based on baby’s height and even has a light-up piano that plays classic kid’s music. The discovery window lets baby see the piano as well as their feet bouncing away.

Ready to move to the next level? Easily converts to a table with the foot platform replacing the seat. When your child is ready, the removable toys are stored and it becomes a fully functional art table. Skip Hop even sells two matching toddler chairs that fit perfectly with the table. This activity center is easy to assemble and just as easy to remove legs for storage! Skip Hop is known for their innovative, quality products as well as their great customer service.

Itzy Ritzy Tokidoki Travel Happens Large Sealed Wet Bag

The Itzy Ritzy Tokidoki Travel Happens Wet Bag is a stylish addition to your baby gear. Itzy Ritzy is known for their amazing, durable wet bags that will last through it all. Their collaboration with Tokidoki has added fun, vibrant prints that you and your child will love! Each Itzy Ritzy bag is made of a quality 100% cotton exterior and a thick lining that keeps your wet items securely sealed away from your other belongings. No leaks or stinky odors here!

The versatile wet bag is not just for wet items. This quality, large bag can hold a variety of items that need protection. The adjustable handle makes it easy to snap on to a bag or stroller while you’re on-the-go. It is even machine washable so its ready for your next outing in a jiffy. Whether you need to store swim wear, travel items, diapers, food items or more, this stylish bag will be your go-to!

Shnuggle Baby Bath Tub

The Shnuggle Baby Bath Tub makes bath time simple! No need for a complicated bath tub which involves moving a slippery baby. Simply add water, plop in your babe and bathe away. The built-in Bum Bump and the foam backrest keep your baby comfortable and in place. The Shnuggle tub also includes non-skid feet so it stays securely in place. Ideal for using in a sink, in a bathtub or on the floor, this bath tub will help make bath time relaxing for you and your babe.

This easy-to-use bath tub can be used from birth to 12 months. No crazy colors here- the clean design of this modern baby bath tub is easy on the eyes. The ergonomic bath tub was designed with your growing baby in mind. Make bath time simple, secure and safe with this hands-free solution to bathing your baby!

Kinsa Smart Digital Thermometer 

The Kinsa QuickCare Smart Digital Thermometer is a reliable and easy-to-use bluetooth thermometer with a handy app that helps you keep track of your baby’s illness. The thermometer works in conjunction with the Kinsa app to track and record your baby’s temperature as well as tracking your child’s medicine intake. It can even remind you when baby’s next dosage is due.

This thermometer is designed for use by all ages, whether you use it rectally, orally or under the arm. No need to struggle with your wiggling child- the Kinsa has an accurate reading for you in less than 8 seconds! Besides impressive speed, the integrated app goes one step further by guiding you on what to do next for your sick child. No racing to google your child’s symptoms- it’s all in the app! The app even includes a game and ‘Sesame Street mode’ to make the process a little more enjoyable for your sick tot. The Kinsa Digital Thermometer is your personal digital assistant so you can spend your precious time soothing your child.

Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock

The Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock has revolutionized grocery shopping for moms! A simple, easy and comfortable way to keep your babe happy and safe while shopping. No more stressing about bringing your little one along during your shopping trips. These beautifully patterned hammocks are made of a super soft cotton that keep baby comfortable and stylish. The lightweight fabric is easy to fold up and take on-the-go. Easily lull your baby to sleep while you shop away.

Easy to set up and secure to a shopping cart, this hammock has several clips and velcro straps to ensure wiggly babies stay put.The hammock securely keeps baby elevated so you don’t have to sacrifice precious shopping cart space. The Binxy Baby was designed to support up to 50 lbs until your baby can sit up unassisted. This means the hammock can also be used with most car seats with the included safety strap!

Marcus & Marcus Amusemat Feeding Placemat and Playmat 

Marcus & Marcus Amusemat Feeding Placemat and Playmat Baby Plate

Who says kids can’t play with their food? Make feeding time fun for your littles with the Marcus & Marcus Amusemat Feeding Placemat and Playmat. The amusing playground design will surely delight your child. Designed to promote self-feeding, this placemat ensures a relaxed feeding time for you and your babe. Picky kids are no match for this entertaining play mat!    

This feeding placemat is available in a wide range of colors so you can pick your kiddo’s favorite. It is also top rack dishwasher safe, making clean-up a breeze! This mat is made of a food-grade silicon and is BPA-free, PVC-free and phthalate-free, for your peace of mind. 

Sinkboss Baby Bottle Drying Rack 

SinkBoss baby bottle drying rack must have 2018

Ever wonder what kind of germs live in your kitchen sink? Paranoid about the chemicals your baby gear potentially comes in contact with? This brilliant baby product soothes all of your hygiene woes! The all-in-one Sinkboss Baby Bottle Drying Rack makes it simple to wash and dry all of your baby products, without the risk of contamination from who-knows-what, whether you’re traveling with baby or at home.   This easy-to-use baby drying rack sets up in seconds. Simply pull out the two legs on either side, set it up in a sink and wash all of your baby items- without the worry of kitchen sink germs. The two adjustable straps have sturdy hooks that allow you to hang your drying baby feeding items. Not sure what kind of gross bacteria live in your hotel sink? This portable, lightweight system is perfect for traveling families! It folds down to a compact size for easy transport. This versatile baby bottle drying rank is convenient, sanitary and easy-to-use!

Picnic Time® Marvel® Spider-Man PTX Cooler Backpack in RedPicnic Time® Marvel® Spider-Man PTX Cooler Backpack in RedPicnic Time® Marvel® Spider-Man PTX Cooler Backpack in RedSaveSave

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Mom’s Best 10 Baby and Kid Plates of 2018

Mealtime can be stressful, messy and frustrating. That’s unavoidable…right? Not anymore, with these fun, attractive and durable plates. We’ve chosen our favorite plates that encourage independent eating and relaxed dinner times. No matter what you’re looking for, we’ve covered all types of plates for the first time eaters, picky toddlers and beyond. Whether you are looking for that perfect plate for your young baby, a suction plate for your tantruming toddler or an eco-friendly option for your growing child, we’ve got them all for you! Here are Mom’s Best 10 Baby and Kid Plates of 2018!


Babybjorn Baby Plate, Spoon and Fork Set 

babybjorn baby plate and fork set toddler plate set kid plate set

babybjorn baby plate and fork set toddler plate set kid plate set

This adorable set from BabyBjorn is the perfect set for your child whether you are introducing foods for the first time or you have a toddler learning independent eating. This brilliantly designed product keeps your growing child in mind! The clever, clover shape with curved edges encourages independent eating by helping your child scoop food into their utensils. The colorful, matching spoon and fork have short, rubbery handles perfect for your little ones small hands. The sturdy design of the plate ensures it stays firmly on the table- and out of your child’s lap. This dishwasher-safe set is also BPA-free for your peace of mind!


Skip Hop Zoo Melamine Plate and Bowl Set

Skip Hop Zoo Melamine Baby Plate Toddler Plate 2018

babybjorn baby plate and fork set toddler plate set kid plate set

Known for their adorable designs, durability and quality, the Skip Hop Zoo melamine plate set is perfect for babies and toddlers. The iconic Skip Hop Zoo collection feature several bright and cheery animals to choose from, including owl, butterfly, giraffe and dalmatian.  This children’s plate and bowl set includes a divided plate as well as a small bowl. Perfect for babies eating their first meals, toddlers learning to feed themselves and beyond! Their colorful and bright tableware will surely attract your growing baby. Make mealtime a pleasure with these sturdy, BPA free, dishwasher safe kid’s plate and bowl sets.

Mix all of your favorite Zoo characters or match with your child’s favorite one- Skip Hop offers a range of kids products, from feeding products to backpacks and travel products, all available in their collection of prints!


Avanchy Baby Bamboo Spill Proof Stay Put Suction Divided Plate + Baby Spoon

Avanchy Baby Kids Plate Ecofriendly baby plate wood toddler plate

Avanchy Baby Kids Plate Ecofriendly baby plate wood toddler plate

This eco-friendly bamboo kids plate features a suction base to ensure less mess! This kids divided suction plate and the suction bowl will meet all of your needs for your growing child. It is naturally mold- and mildew-resistent! The high quality baby and toddler plate set includes an easy grip spoon with soft silicone. The biodegradable natural bamboo ensures low environmental impact while still being stylish and attractive to you and your baby! Available in several eye catching colors that your child will love. Whether your child is transitioning to solids or is an experienced eater, they will love this suction plate. The removable suction base will stick firmly to your table until your child is ready to use the divided plate on its own! Choose this healthier alternative to plastic with this organic, quality children’s plate set!


ezpz Happy Mat – One-piece silicone placemat + plate

ezpz happy mat silicone baby suction plate toddler plate

ezpz happy mat silicone baby suction plate toddler plate

Some kids just can’t handle the responsibility of a full plate of food in front of them! For those “accident” prone kids, the ezpz happy mat is the answer. New moms and veterans alike swear by this one-piece placemat/plate combo. This toddler and baby suction plate is made of food grade silicone material and adheres to tables to prevent kids from knocking over their plates. Works against even the toughest of tantrums! Three separate compartments guarantee plenty of options for your little to choose from. Molded plates can handle soup, cereal and much more. No more fussy mealtimes- the fun, happy design will bring a smile your child’s face! No more pitched plates or propelled bowls- this great plate will stick around. Challenging for your child to remove but EZPZ for you!

Several sizes and styles ensure that you buy the one perfect for your kiddo. The mini version works great for highchairs, traveling and restaurants. They even have an arts and crafts version! This suction plate for toddlers and babies will be a huge hit for you and for you child. Durably constructed, easy to clean and dishwasher safe. 100% food grade silicone and BPA, BPS, PVC, lead and phthalate free ensures peace of mind. No more nutritious meals down the drain (or all over the floor)- these popular mats will keep your child’s plate in place for all of dinner time.


Bumkins Melamine Divided Plate

Bumkins Melamine Divided Toddler Plate Baby Plate 2018 Bumkins Melamine Divided Toddler Plate Baby Plate 2018

Is your child tired of the same, boring plates? Bumkins Melamine Divided Plates are sure to please all with the variety of designs and styles! Mealtime suddenly became a whole lot simpler with these stackable plates. Picky eater? Give that kid some options! Offer your child a myriad of separate options with the divided sections. No more tantrums over touching foods! This will surely be your child’s special plate.

With these plates there are no worries with chipping, staining, discolored or cracked plates! Bumkins is a trusted brand in the feeding arena and these high quality melamine plates will stand the test of time, without losing any of its original glory. Bumkins also makes coordinating bowls and bibs as well as a variety of other great products! Top rack dishwasher safe to make your life a little bit easier!

Re-Play Recycled Baby and Toddler Colorful Plates 

Replay Recycled ecofriendly baby plates toddler plates kids divided plates Replay Recycled ecofriendly baby plates toddler plates kids plates

Re-Play’s line of divided plates, flat plates, and bowls are made of with recycled milk jugs, making them eco-friendly and durable! The high sides make it easy to scoop up food for kids who are learning to self-feed. These high quality plates are sure to last with no wear, staining or cracking- even after a million runs through the dishwasher.

Re-play’s colorful collection of baby and kids plates will be your child’s favorite plate! Easy to clean and easy to stack and keep organized, Re-Play’s full line of utensils, sippy cups, divided and flat plates will make it easy to mix and match colors to complete your collection!


Innobaby Din Din Smart Stainless Divided Platter with Sectional Lid 

innobaby din din smart stainless steel divided kids plate lunch plate toddler plate baby plate with lid

innobaby din din smart kids plate lunch plate toddler plate baby plate with lid
This unique, stainless steel divided plate is sure to be a hit with you and your child! This popular kids plate is an eco-friendly and healthy pick if you are avoiding plastics. BPA- free, phthalate and PVC free with your child’s health in mind. The convenient lid makes it easy to have meals on the go and easily turns from plate to lunchbox. It is guaranteed to stay securely closed! Even the pickiest of eaters will enjoy mealtime with the fun shape and different compartments of this children’s divided plate.

Innobaby’s complete set of children’s feeding essentials include stainless steel and silicone options that ensure your entire collection is eco-friendly, durable and high-quality. They are guaranteed not to trap odors, rust, crack or stain. These stackable plates are the smart pick for a lasting, quality children’s plate.

Constructive Eating Plate & Utensil Set 

Constructive Eating Construction Utensil Plate Fun feeding kids plate set toddler baby plate set
 Constructive Eating Garden Utensil Plate Fun feeding kids plate set toddler baby plate set

These Constructive Eating Plate and Utensil Sets are great tools that make mealtime fun for your child! The brightly colored plates and utensils encourage less fuss and more healthy eating. Funnel big bites of food into your child’s eager mouth with their exciting construction utensils, including a Forklift Fork, Front Loader Spoon and a Bull Dozer Pusher that helps push finicky food onto the spoon or fork! The adorable garden set is perfect for your little fairy and includes a garden tool utensil. These kid and toddler plate set will help encourage nutritious eating as well as openness to try new things. Get your child excited about eating with this plate and utensil set that will surely keep your child occupied during dinner!


Fred Mr. and Mrs. Food Face Plate

Mrs Fred Ceramic Dinner Plate for Kids plate toddler plate fun feeding baby plate

Mr Fred Ceramic Dinner Plate for Kids plate toddler plate fun feeding baby plate

Let your littles play with their food! The Fred Mr. or Ms. Food Face whimsical plates feature happy designs of a man or a woman which your child can decorate how they see fit! Add raspberry earrings, spaghetti hair or a carrot mustache- these fun plates will inspire creativity and make mealtime fun again! This ceramic baby and kid plate will ensure a happy meal time for all. Whether you have picky eaters or seasoned professionals, these plates will bring a smile to your child’s face, every time!

Fred has a variety of home products meant to amuse while making your life easier! From plates to cutlery and beyond, they make mealtime fun and encourage playing with your food!

WeeSprout Silicone Divided Toddler Plates

Weesprout Silicone divided toddler plate baby plate kids plate Weesprout Silicone divided toddler plate baby plate kids plate

These plates are perfect for your little ones who are just learning to eat. Flexible, silicone material is easy to keep clean and easy to take on-the-go! Divided plates keep food separated for picky eaters. These children’s plates have so many colored sets to choose from. These durable baby plates are dishwasher, microwave, oven and even freezer safe! The silicone material guarantees they are indestructible. This high quality kids plate set is sure to meet all of you and your child’s feeding needs.

WeeSprout is a reputable children’s company intent on developing products to make your life easier. They offer fantastic customer service with a lifetime guarantee on their children’s products. Natural silicone material means their products are BPA free and phthalate free!