How to get FREE or CHEAP baby formula


Mom’s Best Tips for getting free or very cheap baby formula! Whether it is signing up for rewards programs, store emails or formula company checks, we have the very best tips to get free baby formula in 2018!

My second child was diagnosed with a milk sensitivity at 2 months and was prescribed Similac Alimentum. We could finally sigh in relief. There was a solution! No more endless crying! The end was in sight. Bad news: the formula was $30 a can! Our growing boy quickly started going through 2 cans a week. Frugal mom that I am, I quickly figured out some tips that got me REALLY cheap and even free formula!


Chances are, you may already have a CVS Extracare card. If not, it is easy to sign up! They send weekly emails with discount ranging from $4 off to 30% off. In addition to the emails, you get quarterly rewards of 2% back. According to CVS, I saved $572.82 from August to December-NOT including all the extra coupons I used! Sign up for the emails here and get a 20% off email! CVS has a wide variety of formulas, including ones made for sensitive stomaches such as Similac Alimentum and Enfamil Nutramigen, as well as a host of other baby, kid and mom products!


Checks & Samples
The two biggest formula brands, Enfamil and Similac, send $5 checks and samples in the mail! Enfamil is easy- sign up for their Family Beginnings Program here. Similac requires you to sign up for Strong Moms here. I also sent an email here, telling them my doctor recommended Alimentum to me and that I wanted to try a sample. A week later, I had a free sample (worth $30), some samples of their other formulas, as well as $5 checks every few weeks.



Doctor’s Offices
I annoy the heck out of my doctor’s office because I’m always asking for coupons and samples. Let’s face it- I have two young children so I’m there often. They have $2-$3 coupons and samples! Recently, the front staff gave me 4 cans and I nearly fainted! Don’t just ask the pediatrician: your OB, the dentist, the hospital where you deliver- you name it! My obstetrician actually gave us an Enfamil welcome kit that had a voucher for a free 24 case of Enfamil! Our hospital also gave us a case of Similac. The key thing here is just ask! What is the worst that can happen? Every bit helps.


If you are loyal to one brand, you should still sign up for the competing brands coupons! With my son, I was getting Enfamil checks even though we were bound to Similac. Enfamil sends coupons much more frequently and I hated seeing them go to waste. I was familiar with but had no idea they had a community group for trading! You can post what you have/what you’re looking for or browse posts to find what you need. It is not limited to formula- all sorts of things are up for grabs! I eventually formed a formula coupon pen pal- we send each other whatever we get! Check it out here. There are endless websites and Facebook groups for these types of trading and selling- doing a quick google search should turn up plenty of options in your area.


At first, I was very hesitant to buy on Ebay, but a quick search showed dozens of highly rated sellers with the baby formula I needed! This was especially handy when I didn’t have time for a weekly trip to CVS or if they didn’t have the specific formula I needed in stock- I could purchase 8-12 cans of formula at once for a great price and save up my coupons/checks for one huge haul at CVS.


My recent trip to CVS
Purchased: 8 Similac Alimentum Ready to Feed 1 QT bottles, $10.79 each
Used: 8 ($5) Similac checks, 6 ($2) Similac coupons and a 25% off CVS coupon.

-$12.00 Coupons
-$21.58 CVS coupon
-$40.00 Checks

$12.74!!! $1.59 per bottle!

THAT’S 85% OFF!!

Those are my tips and tricks for free and cheap baby formula! If you have a tip I didn’t include, please share in the comments below!

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