Everything You Need To Know About Target Restock

Target Restock fees eligible free coupon review box
Target Restock fees eligible free coupon review box

You may have heard talk of Target’s new program, Target Restock, in the last year. In a bid to compete with Amazon’s Prime Pantry, Target has dipped their toes into the grocery delivery market and launched a next-day delivery service of household essentials designed to attract those searching for the convenience factor. Target has been testing this next-day delivery program in many major cities for the last year. They’ve recently released a major update to the program which launches it nationwide- Target Restock is now available to more than 75% of American households. Looking for a Target Restock review? Read on for answers to some frequently asked questions and my personal experience with Target Restock!

  • What is Target Restock? How does Target Restock work?
    Target Restock is a program which offers shoppers the ability to quickly restock daily essentials, with over 15,000 items to choose from. Need toilet paper quick? Order Monday-Friday before 7:00 PM and your items will be delivered the very next day. Fill a box with up to 45 lbs of goodies that you need- or not! No minimum to ship your box.  Nifty tool tells you what percent of the box each item will take up and what percentage you have left to fill. 

  • What makes you Target Restock eligible?
    Where you live! Target Restock is currently available in certain areas. Check to see if your zip code qualifies here!

  • What kind of things are available on Target Restock?
    Over 15,000 items to choose from! Running low on school snacks? Target Restock surely has your kids favorites!  Even beverages like bottled water, coffee and tea. Household essentials like paper towels, toilet paper, laundry detergent and so much more!  

  • Is there a Target Restock coupon?
    Yes! Target usually offers a discount on their Target Restock homepage. If you have a Target REDcard, you get the additional 5% off too!

  • How much does Target Restock cost?
    If you have a Target REDcard, shipping is completely free and you get an additional 5% discount. Otherwise, shipping is a flat fee of $2.99.

  • How fast is Target Restock?
    Order before 7 PM Monday through Friday and get your box the next day! 

  • How big is the Target Restock box?
    The Target Restock box holds 45 lbs, or the equivalent of a shopping cart. Perfect enough to hold all of your much needed essentials. 

  • What is REDcard?
    REDcard is Target’s debit or credit card. The debit card links directly to your bank account and works like a check. Target REDcard holders get 5% off all purchases every day, early access to special promotions, free 2-day and Restock shipping and an extended return period. Get more information here.

  • So how was your Target Restock experience?
    Great! I ordered my items before the 7:00 PM cut-off and received them mid-day the next day. I ordered hand soap, pancake mix, all purpose cleaner, Claritin, pizza crusts, chips, cereal bars and coffee. At the time, they had a Target Restock coupon of $10 off on the Restock Homepage.

Target is definitely stepping up its game! With great services like Target Drive Up, Target Restock and their new 2-day shipping feature, it is getting easier and easier to shop Target. The everyday 5% discount, the frequently updated clothing lines and partnerships with celebrities like Chrissy Teigen and Joanna Gaines will keep many loyal customers coming back again and again. 

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