How To Stay Organized ALL School Year Long!

Back to school season is here! Here are our top tips and tricks to stay organized all school year long. These back to school timesavers will get your kids ready for school in no time. Stay on top of your game week after week. From planners and calendars to snack and lunchtime hacks to save you time and money, we’ve got you covered!

Keep a Planner
A planner is the best way to stay organized! Easily jot down whatever comes to mind for your grocery list, school events and homework reminders. I make sure to keep mine open to that days page and glance at it throughout the day. 



Plan clothes for the Whole Week on Sunday. 
My kids and I sit down Sunday night and plan all their outfits for the week. My kids are super picky about what they wear so I make sure to involve them and get their opinions. We plan everything to the last detail, from hair bows and necklaces for my daughter and socks and shoes for my son. This avoids any last minute fights over outfits in the morning. 

Plan Breakfast & Lunch the Night Before.
Ask your kid! I make sure to make a list of everything I bought from the grocery store that Sunday. That way, I can sit with the kiddos the night before school and ask what they’d like for breakfast and lunch the next day and write it down. This is essential! It is so easy to forget what they’d like in my morning haze and if I give them the option in the morning, they will change their minds 100 times! 



Plan a Grab & Go Breakfast/Lunch
For the days you just can’t. Some days you just wake up on the wrong side of the bed and no amount of planning can help. Plan ahead for those kind of days by having your fridge and freezer stocked with easy, pre-packaged options for breakfast, lunch & snacks, like Uncrustables and Lunchables. Or, even better, make your own!

Pack Snacks in Containers
Pack your snack bags in advance and keep plenty handy in your pantry or fridge. I buy large quantities of my kids favorite snacks such as pretzels, rice cakes and fruits and package them in small containers myself so I can just grab & go!

Have a Place for Everything
And let your kids put things in their place! If you have drop off point for your kids backpacks, lunch boxes and such, there will be no last minute “where’s your backpack/shoes/karate uniform” when you’re running out the door. 



Small Loads of Laundry Every Day
It is essential to keeping organized in our household. I’d rather do one small load a day than face a huge pile of laundry once or twice a week! 



Make a Checklist
Have a post-it right next to your front door with a list of everything you don’t want to forget! 

Get your Kids Involved!
The best way to make your mornings easier is to have the kids help out. Clothes belong in the hamper, dishes in the sink and shoes in their cubbies.

Buy a Large Wall Calendar & Use it!
Preferably hang it somewhere you will see when you’re walking out the door and check it every day before heading to school. 


Make a Morning Routine Bucket.
Fill them with all the things you need in the morning, such as hair brushing supplies.  

Have a Binder for Each Kid 
Keep a binder or a folder for each kid with all of their important paperwork for their class, homework and projects.

Get your kids a clock!
Both of my kids have digital clocks in their rooms so they know exactly when to wake up for the day. 


Use Target Restock
Perfect for when you run out of snacks mid-week or are low on time! Target Restock delivers household and grocery items NEXT DAY! Check out our Target Restock post here.

13 Hacks to Stay Organized All School Year Long

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